Special Projects

This sub-program is supported through alliances with the public and private sector, using a trilateral model. When a company or an institution identifies a target group for the scholarship benefit, but does not have 100% of the resources necessary, the organization establishes an alliance with CCCN, which in turn supports the effort with courses and logistics while at the same time looking for any remaining needed resources from its own donors.

CCCN has worked with institutions such as INAMU, CINDE, and Fundavida under this model; a notable case of the use of this model is the Access program, a joint effort of the US Embassy and CCCN.

During 2011, CCCN received important support from the CRUSA foundation, through a “Match Funding” model that has contributed greatly to the community, in terms of scholarship and special project involving CINDE (Phase 1 Siquirres and Phase 2 Barva de Heredia) and Fundavida.

  • Access

Together with the US Embassy, CCCN has offered the “Access Micro-scholarship Program” since 2008. This program awards 100% scholarships for selected students from rural and urban high schools who complete the ENIS program and finalize their studies with the TOEIC certification.

In addition to training in English, Access students have ample contact with US culture during the process, through participation in activities and visits.

  • Fundavida

Also, through the Match scholarship program with CRUSA, a scholarship program was set up for students who are associated with Fundavida and come from high schools in at-risk areas.  During a two-year process, these young people will be trained in English and may choose to finalize their programs with the TOEIC exam.


Another program that is part of the CRUSA Match model is the “Tools for Success” program of CINDE, which benefitted 40 vocational high school students from Siquirres. These students enrolled in the ENIS program for 8 levels, then took the PET at the end of their studies, in September 2012.


Starting in 2012, the CCCN-INAMU alliance was formalized and an English program will soon be offered to the women participating in the “Avanzamos Mujeres” program as well as domestic workers associated with ASTRADOMES (an association of domestic workers).  These two groups will study for one year and will reach the mid-point of the ENIS program, thanks to the support of one of CCCN’s most important donors.

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