Individual Scholarships

  • Employees

In line with its philosophy, Centro Cultural offers its employees the opportunity to study English with 100% scholarships in any of its sites.  Through this program, CCCN contributes to the professional development of its employees while generating positive impacts in their communities.

  • Family Members

As part of the employee benefit program, CCCN also offers 50% scholarships to employee immediate family members.

  • Academic Excellence

Scholarships for Excellence, another program of CCCN, are awarded to students of proven academic standing who have also shown drive, commitment and leadership skills.

  • Social Economic Support (name)

These scholarships benefit low-income students who have shown commitment and academic talent.  This program helps the students improve their future prospects and their communities.

  • Reciprocal Assistance Program (PAR in Spanish)

The PAR program offers 100% discount of enrollment fees for interested students who commit to providing support in one of the Center’s administrative and academic departments, at a minimum of 98 hours per level or block (this equals two-month).

PAR scholarships are very important for CCCN, as they not only provide opportunities to study English, but also provide potential employment opportunities in the future at Centro Cultural.

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