Mr. Christopher Johnson


Christopher P. Johnson, Ed.D., Manager of Online Programs for Laureate Languages, has taught, coordinated, and directed university EFL programs in Chile since 1999.  He is keen to explore solutions to the challenge of teaching and learning EFL in blended and online formats. In an effort to understand these difficulties, Chris completed online doctoral studies at Walden University in 2014.  His dissertation focuses on Increasing Students’ Academic Involvement in Blended and Online EFL Courses. He also holds two Bachelors’ degrees (Interdisciplinary Studies, and TEFL) as well as a Masters’ degree in Theology.  He continues to study and present his findings

¿Conocés New Hampshire? Aquí te enseñamos sus tesoros

Tuesday 12, 10.

New Hampshire puede verse como un lugar pequeño en el mapa, sin embargo nos ofrece gran variedad de destinos que no podés perderte.

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