Career Success Center

Take control of your professional career!

When you achieve your #RealEnglish at Centro Cultural, we want you to be ready to face the professional world in this globalize era.

That is why, we develop our Career Success Center, an advisory office with the goal of orienting and empowering our students in their search for their ideal job, increase their skills, and facilitate connections with potential hiring positions.

We give our students guidance and training using “mock interviews”, analysis of professional careers, aptitude tests, InterviewStream and other tools.

Our Services:
  • Mock Interview
  • Professional Career Advisory
  • Aptitude Tests and practice software
    • InterviewStream
    • Neuro-Link
    • Strong Interest Inventory
    • Workforce Assessment
    • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    • Companies’ profile information
    • Resume review
    • Training in the use of “Career Connections” platform
    • Workshops
Contact us
  • We work on a appointment schedule. Schedule your space calling 2207-7509 or writing to
  • Appointments will be given from 8 AM to 4 PM; Monday to Friday.

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