Sophia Wanamaker Gallery


Located in our centers in San Pedro, La Sabana, and Alajuela, the Sophia Wanamaker Galleries promote the appreciation of visual arts, focusing on innovative and experimental tendencies. This project has emerged as a direct result of Centro Cultural’s multicultural, educational environment.


Each of our galleries schedules shows of Costa Rican and international artists throughout the year.


Among the services offered by the galleries, guided visits can be scheduled in advance, in coordination with gallery administration and according to the established schedule of shows.


For more information on our shows or our informational talks, please contact the guided tour service at:

Galería Sophia Wanamaker

Thanksgiving Day: 3 platillos que no pueden faltar

Wednesday 27, 10.

Thanksgiving Day es una de las celebraciones más importantes en EE.UU. Por eso, hoy te compartimos 3 platillos que no pueden faltar en esta fecha.

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