Social Outreach

As part of its interest in the promotion of cultural and educational spaces in the community, CCCN offers a series of community and cultural Social Outreach programs that provide opportunities for improved quality of life to persons interested in learning English.

An example of these programs is “Adopt a School”, through which Centro Cultural serves as a facilitator to help obtain donations, both financial and in-kind, for low-income schools.  These donations help improve the quality of education in these schools.

If you would like to learn more about our programs and be a part of our special group of donors, please contact us at or call 2207-7510 or 2207-7511.

¿Conocés New Hampshire? Aquí te enseñamos sus tesoros

Tuesday 12, 10.

New Hampshire puede verse como un lugar pequeño en el mapa, sin embargo nos ofrece gran variedad de destinos que no podés perderte.

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