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Promising Artists of the XXI Century

Through the Promising Artists of the 21st Century program, we showcase prestigious young artists who will, without a doubt, become some of the biggest stars of the 21st Century; many of these young artists have already achieved international renown.

The artistic talents of these young people, who are professionals from prestigious universities and academies in the United States, give merit to the developing portfolio of each artist as well as justifying the faith of their institutions, in whose name they perform as official representatives.

During the week that these young talents are in Costa Rica, they share their artistic experiences in free classes and workshops for students of music, theater, dance and vocal arts from public and private universities as well as the National Institute of Music, the National Theater Workshop and the National Dance Workshop, etc.

Centro Cultural’s students can enjoy these performances at a special price.

For more information on this program and its cultural, educational and social impact in Costa Rica, or if you would like to offer your support as a sponsor or host family, please contact us at or to 2207-7564.

Promising Artists