Placement Test

The placement test (PCN) is an assessment tool used by Centro Cultural to determine starting points for students in their courses of study, and to facilitate further study.

The objective the PCN is to assess student language skills in order to correctly identify current language level.

Students do not need to study for the PCN. On the contrary, it is important for the PCN to reflect the student’s real, current English level.

Complete placement test (PCN). Placement test fee ₵5,000.

The PCN is also applied by telephone during enrollment periods. The phone-based PCN is free; to request an appointment for this exam, please call 800-207-7500.


Conocé a la leyenda del baseball: Babe Ruth

Wednesday 27, 10.

Conocé en este blog la historia de Babe Ruth, quien fue catalogado como uno de los mejores deportistas de la historia del baseball.

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