Graduation and Certifications

Centro Cultural holds two graduations per year for all students who conclude their programs and take the TOEIC exam (Test of English for International Communication).

To graduate and obtain the respective certificate, students must fulfill the following requirements:

Pass all courses included in the respective course of study.

Pass the TOEIC exam*. Minimum score required by Centro Cultural for its adult programs is 550 points. For the Advanced Program, the minimum TOEIC score is 810. (Minimum scores subject to change as determined by institutional academic authorities.

No outstanding account balance with the Institution.

All required documents on file with Register’s Office.

Sign up for graduation with Register’s Office in a timely fashion, according to the institution’s academic calendar.

* Complete TOEIC exam within 2 months after completion of program. In general, the time allowed is not exactly 2 months, but is determined by the number of testing invitations received by student; one in the last term of study and one in the following term.

During this period of 2 invitations, the exam is offered without cost. After this period, students who wish to take the exam will be charged accordingly.


Our Register’s Office will emit certifications based on grades received, courses completed, current enrollment, among other criteria, when requested by students.

Certifications are available for pick-up 8 days after request received and fee paid. Request and pick-up are confidential processes, and must be done in person by the student, guardian, or legally authorized third-party.

The Register’s Office will retain certifications of students who have outstanding debts with the Institution.

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Wednesday 16, 09.

Ya tomaste tu primera gran decisión: querer aprender inglés para abrirte más oportunidades personales y profesionales. ¡Ahora viene el siguiente paso! En el Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano, es requisito realizar una Prueba de Comprobación de Nivel (PCN) antes de incorporarte a alguno de nuestros programas de inglés. ¿Qué es la Prueba de Comprobación de Nivel? […]

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