Teen Xtreme

With Teens Xtreme, learning English is fun.

This program was created especially for teenagers (12 to 15 years), to help them develop the complete skills necessary to communicate in English (reading, writing, speaking, listening). Cutting edge technology is used to maximize learning, classes are dynamic and participative, and classroom activities simulate real-life situations that require the use of English.

Additional services offered at no cost to complement learning in this program:

  • Conversation Clubs
  • Membership in Mark Twain Library
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Discounts on tickets for cultural activities at Eugene O’Neil Theater


Tuition and Schedules

Programs at Centro Cultural are structured on a monthly basis; each level has a duration of 7 weeks. No enrollment fee is ever charged for any of our English programs.

Teens Xtreme is composed of 14 levels, including two advanced levels.

Tuition for each level is paid monthly.


  • From 12 to 15 years old
  • Complete placement test (PCN). Placement test fee ₵5,000.
  • For graduation from Advanced Program, students must pass all levels.

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