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70 years of experience in English teaching and cultural exchange between Costa Rica and the United States of America have allowed Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano (CCCN) to understand the need of always being connected with our Costa Rican audience that see us, as a beacon of excellence and leadership in the field of Education.

Because of this responsibility, CCCN keeps a strong presence in social networking platforms.

We use all our profiles with the purpose of being closer to the community and our students.


CCCN introduces all its services in the most popular social network in the world.


Follow us on Twitter where you can find out about the most interesting topics about CCCN, our events and services. Find us as @Centro_Cultural.


This is the visual social network. That is why, we offer exclusive pictures of our events, students’ academic life, Mark Twain Library’s activities and much more. Find us as @Centro_Cultural.


In the most popular video website on the planet, CCCN shares with you exclusive videos about its events, cultural season, “Best Teachers”, testimonials about students life. Subscribe to our channel by clicking HERE.


CCCN keeps an open and active communication with companies in Costa Rica through its LinkedIn account. In this profile, Centro Cultural announces open positions for teachers and staff, job opportunities for bilingual professionals, and all the advantages of our new service, Career Success Center. Find us HERE.

Grandiosas fotografías de NGL son exhibidas en el CCCN

lunes 26, 06.

Como parte de la alianza entre el Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano y National Geographic Learning, se estará exhibiendo desde finales del mes de junio hasta el mes de octubre, la segunda exposición de fotografías de National Geographic Learning denominada “Real People, Real Places, Real Wildlife”.  Esta exposición cuenta con 16 nuevas fotografías sobre aventura, biodiversidad, cultura, […]

Conozca más sobre la vida y obra de Miguel Ángel

martes 20, 06.

El virtuosismo de Miguel Ángel toma “Exhibition on Screen” en el Cine Magaly  San José, 09 de Junio de 2017. Este próximo martes 20 de junio, el Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano y el Cine Magaly continuarán la temporada 2017 de “Exhibition on Screen” (EOS), con la proyección del documental sobre la vida, obras y exhibiciones […]

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